May 23

Sugar Violets

This time of year, Violets are prolific! One of my favorite projects is making Sugar Violets for garnishing cakes, and cookies. This is a fun project to do with children, and is a great way to teach about flowers that are edible. Violets are easy to identify, and have a light, green taste that pairs perfectly with a little sweetness. Chances are, you have Violets in your own back yard!

Blue Violets are wonderful for garnishing salads and confections. Always choose flowers that have not been sprayed with chemicals, and are at least 100′ away from the roadside.

Start by collecting as many Violets as you will need. Morning is the best time to gather flowers, this keeps them from wilting too quickly. Take them into the kitchen immediately.

Gather the freshest, cleanest Violets you can find; just the flowers

You will need egg whites, granulated sugar, and a small paintbrush. Personally, I like to use the white from a Duck Egg. However, if you are serving other people, you may want to use Powdered egg whites.

The egg whites and sugar help to dehydrate, and preserve the flowers.

Place a few of the flowers flat on the plate, and gently brush on a light coating of egg whites to the surface of the petals. Then, carefully place the flower into the sugar without allowing the petals to curl.

After painting egg white onto the petals, gently coat with sugar granules.

Remove the flower from the sugar, and place on the plate, making sure the petals are laying flat. Let sit for several hours to over night to set. Once the flowers have set, they’re ready to be added to your culinary creations.

After the flowers have set, they can be added to cupcakes, or cookies for edible decorations!

Stay tuned for more of my Violet, and Edible Flower Recipes!