Natural Flea Management

Natural Flea Management and Elimination

The Dog Days of Summer are here, and so are the fleas! Hot humid conditions help these pests thrive. If only there were natural methods for eliminating fleas on pets, and in the home…

Well, there are! Learn how to manage and eliminate fleas from taking over your space, naturally.
Shop owner, D’Arcy Ames will discuss different methods for controlling and eliminating fleas. She will talk about a variety of natural products, and methods that can be used alone, or in combination with each other to eliminate, and prevent Fleas from invading your home and pets.

Learn how to protect your pets safely and effectively. There will be an in depth discussion on products that are appropriate for Dogs, and Cats (and those that are not). Prevention is key, but if you are already dealing with Fleas, don’t worry. There are safe and effective techniques for getting rid of them.

Date: July 22, Saturday
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm
Cost: $20.00

Tea and light Refreshments served. All participants will receive a packet with information from the class, recipes, and product samples. Please reserve your seat in advance.


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