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Essential Oils

About Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils are complex chemical compounds, most always fragrant, produced by plants to repel pests, or attract pollinators.
Herbs, and many flowering plants contain essential oils within the leaves, stems, and flowers.
Trees, flowering trees, and shrubs -contain oils within bark, needles, sap, flowers, and fruits.

Extraction Methods
Herbs, like Peppermint and Sage, are steam distilled to obtain oils from the leaves, stems, and flowers.
The essential oils of many coniferous trees are obtained by steam distillation of the needles, like Fir- or from the bark, like Cedarwood- or from resinous sap, like Amber.
Citrus essential oils such as Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit are cold pressed from the rind of the fruit.
Oils from delicate flowers like Roses, are extracted from the flower petals with vegetable oils, or solvents.

Essential Oils are commodities, traded globally.
Prices vary depending on the quantity of plant matter needed, and the difficulty of extraction to produce a measurable quantity of that oil.
Prices can change depending on crop success, government policy, civil unrest, and even natural disasters in countries/locations where these oils are produced.

For thousands of years, humans have relied on the products of plants and trees for health and well being.
Before modern currency, the oils and raw materials of plants and trees were valued highly and traded. Some were equal in value to gold and precious gems.

Essential Oils Approved as Food Additives by the FDA & on the GRAS list.
Angelica . Basil . Bergamot . Celery Seed . Cedarwood*. Chamomile, Roman . Chamomile, German . Cinnamon Bark . Cistus*. Citrus rinds (all). Citronella . Clary Sage . Clove . Coriander . Cumin. Dill . Eucalyptus. Elemi *. Fennel*. Fir* . Frankincense . Galbanum . Geranium . Ginger . Grapefruit . Helichrysum* . Hyssop . Juniper . Jasmine . Laurus nobilis . Lavandin . Lavender. Lemon . Lemongrass . Lime . Malaleuca alternifolia* . Melissa . Mandarin . Marjoram . Myrrh . Myrtle . Neroli . Nutmeg . Orange . Oregano . Palmarosa .
Patchouly . Pepper . Peppermint . Petitgrain . Pine. Rosemary . Rose . Rosewood* . Savory . Sage. Sandalwood . Spearmint . Spikenard* . Spruce . Tarragon . Tangerine . Thyme . Valerian . Vetiver . Ylang ylang .

GRAS = Generally Regarded as Safe *Indicates oil is not on the GRAS list


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