Mar 27

Ginger Root, a Rad Rhizome

Ginger Root Zingiber officianalis is one of the most versatile roots around. It will grow just about anywhere, including indoors. Ginger is popularly known in the US as the main flavor in Ginger Ale Soda. It has been used for thousands of years as a culinary spice, and in natural medicine for healing. Ginger is most often associated with Chinese, Indian, Thai, and North African cuisine, as well as Ayuverdic Medicine.

Maine Root Ginger Brew

Maine Made Ginger Ale!


The flavor and fragrance of Ginger are unmistakable. High citrus notes mingle with a low earthy tone, followed by a spicy zing – and a slightly floral after note – that warms the whole body. Ginger is fantastic for cold months of the year. Eating a piece of Crystallized Ginger Root, or sipping a cup of Ginger Tea makes one feel warmer. It also aids in opening the sinuses and calming an upset stomach. This makes Ginger Root a good spice to have on hand during cold and flu season!

Ginger Tea

Hot Ginger Tea is wonderful for easing an upset stomach.

Ginger Root has also been used for its aromatherapy properties, and for skin care for thousands of years. The fragrance of Ginger Root is energizing, and is believed to enhance positive male energy. In some cultures it is believed to increase libido for men of a mature age. Ginger Root is used world wide in skin care products for women to revive the skin, and to help reduce/eliminate age spots.

Ginger Flowering.

Ginger Flowering.

This Summer I’ll be adding some Ginger Root to my own herb garden, to see how it grows here in Maine. It’s flowers are sure to make a beautiful addition to any space, inside or out. We can’t get enough of this Root in our household, all year round!

Ginger Root Soap

Ginger Soap hand made in Maine by Bear Mountain Botanicals! Click on Picture to view more information.