Bye, Bye Black Fly™

Bye, Bye Black Fly™ DEET Free, effective, all natural, and pleasant to use!

Repels Black Flies, Deer Flies, Green Flies, Horse Flies, Moose Flies, Fleas, Mosquitoes, No-see-ums, Sand Fleas, and Ticks. This product has been used by my customers, from the mountains to the sea coast, with great success for many years.


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Bye, Bye Black Fly™
Bye, Bye Black Fly™
~ This product does not contain Citronella, or Geranium ~
Bye, Bye Black Fly™ repels flying and crawling insects that like to bite!
Effective, long lasting, pleasant herbal fragrance. Hand made from Pure Mountain Spring Water, Plant Extracts, and original fragrance blend formulated from Pure Essential Oils. Contains: Rosemary & Fir Needle.
Apply Bye, Bye Black Fly™ by spraying a small amount on exposed skin, and rub on like lotion. May be sprayed onto tents and outdoor clothing. For Fido, spray onto a bandana to be worn by your best friend! Bye, Bye Black Fly™ is packaged in reusable & recyclable cobalt glass bottles.

Loved by Archaeologists, Biologists, Bikers, Fishers, Gardeners, Golfers, Guides, Hikers, Hunters, Joggers, Kayakers, Loggers, Mountain Climbers, Runners, Sitters, Walkers, Zoologists, and Moms!

Safe for kids 2 to 102! ™


Bye, Bye Black Fly Soap™
Bye, Bye Black Fly Soap™
Maine Bees Wax & Olive Oil Soap, Natural Castile made with the fragrance of Bye, Bye Black Fly™

3.5 oz. Cake in a Can
Safe for kids 2 to 102! ™


Eucalyptus Soap - Products Made From Plants - Bear Mountain Botanicals
Eucalyptus Soap is here, while supplies last.

• Hand made with Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil.

• Clean and refreshing scent.

• Rich moisturizing lather.

• Long lasting Castile Soap Cakes.

• Eucalyptus helps repel Mosquitoes!

• $4.50 each.



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Bear Mountain Botanicals represents this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), Section 20(b). Therefore, this product is not registered by/with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

People & Planet Friendly™