About the Biz

About Bear Mountain Botanicals…



Bear Mountain Botanicals

is a cottage industry business owned and operated by D’Arcy Ames.

Bear Mountain Botanicals was created in 2004 to fill a need for all natural, every day products that could be used safely around children and pets -inside the house, outside in the garden, and on the body.


WHAT? The mission at Bear Mountain Botanicals is to engage and inspire customers about the importance of buying locally produced goods, from small businesses with environmentally, and socially responsible agendas.

HOW? Bear Mountain Botanicals creates everyday products of the highest quality for use around the home and on the body , that are very effective, and pleasant to use! All products are made from ingredients derived from plants, and other naturally occuring sources, as well as pure mountain spring water. BMB works very hard to use only ingredients that can be obtained without harm to animals, ecosystems, and people.

WHY? BECAUSE! Why not? It is our responsibility to try to leave the world a little cleaner and greener for future generations. Because big corporations are exploiting our government, people, and the environment. Because the power is really in the hands of consumers. Because big changes happen with little choices made every day.

People & Planet Friendly™