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May 23

Sugar Violets

This time of year, Violets are prolific! One of my favorite projects is making Sugar Violets for garnishing cakes, and cookies. This is a fun project to do with children, and is a great way to teach about flowers that are edible. Violets are easy to identify, and have a light, green taste that pairs …

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Aug 06

Stem Dying Queen Anne’s Lace

One of my all time favorite summer traditions is picking and coloring bouquets of Queen Anne’s Lace. It is something I used to do with my grandmother on hot summer days when I was young. We would go for long leisurely walks and ponder the wonders of life and the universe, all along the way …

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Feb 10

Make a snow candle!

This is the perfect project when the weather is freezing cold, and there is a good snow pack. This winter has been a bit slow in arriving, but this weeks snow falls here in Maine have provided us with just enough snow for this project, and the weather forecast is predicting colder temperatures this weekend! …

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Mar 16

How to Make a Snow Candle

This is the perfect project when the weather is freezing cold, and cabin fever is setting in. Spring is not far off now, but some of you in northern Maine, around the Great Lakes, and in Canada will still have plenty of snow for this! It is simple. A great project to do with kids, …

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